Thursday, September 8, 2011

Is it Fall yet??

Hi there~
Well I know some of you lucky ones are starting to feel the cooler crisp mornings that lead way that Fall is breaking through..ahh I wish :)  But the good news is the weatherman said this morning it will cool down next week to in the desert that is our cool down haha! I think I need to arrange a different kind of swap, one where I get to come stay with you lucky ones until it cools down here LOL 
Well,  I am still in the wanting to get my fall decor out but haven't done anything about it hehe.  I just need to go get the totes and get started I know! I love it so much and it seems to slip by so fast so I like to get it out early so I can enjoy it longer. How about you, anyone out there have their stuff up yet? I have seen a few and you inspire me to get moving...

Have a great Thursday!!

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Christine said...

Oh boy! To think 100* is supposed to be cool?!!

We've been really cool here and yes, I've been getting out the fall decor!
Have fun!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh....yeah....started....but will still be going come Oct. 31st!! Love this season!! Wishing you some "brrrr" - we've been weather perfect I think....sunny, slight breeze, upper 70's and cool, cool, sleeping nights. Yup, I'm trying to rub it in so you'll agree to a swap - you can come here - say now - and I'll go there say, mid-January??? ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin


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