Thursday, October 4, 2012

Leaves and Chipmunks

Hubby and I took a little road trip to the north country this past weekend.  We had a wonderful time just taking our time and enjoying the beautiful scenery Arizona has to offer.  I have lived in the desert most of my life so any chance to go north to the pines I jump on it. :)

We headed toward a small town named Greer, this was the first signs of the leaves changing.  We were a couple weeks early for the real show but I am thrilled with the shots I did get.

Once in Greer (about 4 hours later :) we had lunch at this quaint little restaurant named Rendezvous Diner.  The food was wonderful as was the service.  We actually had breakfast here the next morning as well. YUM!

Here we are enjoying our lunch.
As we were sitting and eating we noticed a cute little chipmunk jumping in and out and around hubbys car (below) , see him?? I snapped a shot of him as he posed for me in the wheel.  Ahh so cute right?

It was a great weekend escape, except for on our way back down to the heat on Sunday the air in the car stopped working, now remember it is still 100 degrees here (yes I know it is October haha). So needless to say the last couple hours in the car was miserable.  Monday we took the car in to see what was going on, because you just have to have air in your car here, and sadly a few chipmunks had made their way into the engine but not out in time. *moment of silence here*   :(  The car is fixed and the guy at the Audi dealership now knows what a chipmunk is, well at leat what their tids and bits look like, he had never heard of chipmunks before.

We have a big weekend starting today with one of my favorite peeps coming for a visit, I should have lots of good stuff to share on the blog soon.:) We are canning pickles and doing some cooking.
Have a great weekend!

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